Thursday, May 19, 2005


She Said: Sorry about not posting for a few, we've been busy taking our two cars around to think about trading them in. I can bus to work and his car is trashed, so we're trying to work a trade-in deal with our cars to where we can somehow swing a PRIUS HYBRID but it might be about $5,000.00 above what we want to afford. We were thinking Saturn at first, but we really want a hybrid. Sorry again.

Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Blogger sucks

He Said: AAAAAAARRGHHH fucking Blogger just lost a 6 paragraph essay on anal sex and I'm not about to write it over. I hate it when Blogger does this.

She said: He Said does 75% of the work on this blog because I know next to no HTML, and I have my own personal blogspot site and I lose stuff on it all the time. Blogger can eat my shit.

ANALANGEL, I see you here and I see you at Sensual Liberation Army and I think I lurve you. Pagan Moss rocks, but you know that!

He Said: Sorry, we had a really really nice post about our likes and hang-ups regarding all varieties of anal sex, but BLOGGER ATE IT!!!

Friday, May 13, 2005

freaky friday

She Said: Wooooohoooyeaahh the pictures of the guys are hot!!! Yummy!!! Damn, these are just plain fucking sexy. I like it better when everything isn't just in your face but that's probably a girl thing.

He said: Those are hot, I am starting to get hard. To me though, I need to see cock to get off.

He said: I love Christine Young.

She Said: I think "young" is the operative word here, and I think "perverted" is another. How old is she, 16? I do want some girlsex really achingly bad though. Would it really be underage rape if it was between two women? I bet there isn't a cop alive who wouldn't drop the charges if he (or she) could watch.

He Said: Nope, don't think she's that young because she has a popular website and would have gotten busted by now. It's just a fact of life that young people ARE sexually attractive, and Christine Young between another girl's legs is pretty damn appealling.

She Said: I think it's wild that we can sit here and collect porn off the internet and both be sitting here totally naked and playing with ourselves and post this stuff on the internet while having a glass of wine and a joint. He Said has a hard cock and is telling me he has to think of something else so he doesn't come, while I'm sitting here trying to get wet and am running my fingers in and out of myself and spreading my wetness up on my clit so I can jillmyselfoff, and we're both crouched around the computer screen and in love and learning about each other's sexual desires. Fucking fabulous, this is what the internet is for.

Wednesday, May 11, 2005

i wish I were a girl sometimes

He Said: Hi. She said is out at a movie with some friends so she asked me to post something here tonight, and I'm going to settle down with the cats and a couple movies and a bottle of wine and a fat spliff so here's some pictures. Funniest thing is that I'm trying to post these without getting turned on (and therefore spending time masturbating) and it's not working.

You know, I'm not going to voice my views on whether or not the war in Iraq is right or wrong because this isn't the place for it (and you can probably guess my views anyways), but I just scanned the headlines and another little person involved in the whole Iraq prison scandal is going down while the top brass walks. These people were either doing what they were told or they were doing what they though was right and their superiors condoned it. Nobody at the top is going to be punished, it's the little people over and over, most of whom were probably in the army to get college money to get themselves out of wherever they were, and now they are fucked. They could have copped out of wartime service in any number of ways but they chose to do something for their country, and now the top military brass gets awards as the little nobodies get to spend the best years of their life in prison.

Damn, feeling my cock rubbing against another cock while a girl sucks on it would be the closest thing to heaven I could think of. I hope this little blond girl had fun, I hope she got the fuck of her life.

I wonder what my parent's would think if they knew their only boy loves sucking cock AND licking clit AND getting screwed up the ass by AND relentlessly fucking my girl AND letting my girl relentlessly fuck me? Sorry mom and dad, your only son is gay straight bisexual a little slut a size queen and totally sexcrazy!!!

Monday, May 09, 2005

fat corks and furry virginias

He Said: I've always wondered why the things that turn me on are so out of step with the world. Is it because I don't watch television that I don't like fake breasts and blond california beach girls who are tanned and toned and shaved within an inch of their lives? All I know is that the first girl I ever really had fulfilling sex with (as opposed to 2 second teenage sex) was a punk girl who was proudly unshaven and hairy-legged, and I think it imprinted on me. Even now there are a few things that will make me cum instantly, and one of them is licking a girl's sweaty armpit. Another is feeling hairy stubbly legs rubbing against mine while fucking. Oddly, a shaved cock gets my cock hard. Fuck, these cocks make me jealous, I wish I were hung like a porn star but alas I'm barely average.

She Said: The few times I've shaved my cha-cha I regretted it because it ITCHES LIKE CRAZY when it starts to grow back. I'll rock the hairy virginia for my man if it makes him hard, but I won't go without shaving my legs and if I'm wearing a sleeveless dress there's no way in hell I'll go out without shaving my pits. Those cocks are delicious looking. I dig size and the feeling of my pussy being filled up and stretched out as much as the next girlie, but it doesn't beat being with somebody average who knows how to play you like a violin. The few guys I've been with that were superduperbig (not that many of you really are...) weren't that skilled so it was like having a baseball bat rammed up inside of me for a couple minutes at most and then it was over. Once I even had to finish myself off. That was the only chance that horse-cocked guy was going to get, because size counts for something but it's nowhere near everything. Be kind to animals please.

Friday, May 06, 2005

dying to taste girlysex right now

She Said: Thank the goddess it's Friday. He Said is on a bus across town going to get our car at the shop, so today it's girlpower. I hate cars. Today I jilledmyself off thinking about my co-worker, she's so pretty and has beautiful skin and I just want to lick her and suck her and be in her arms but she's married and I might as well be.

I want some girlsex really really fucking bad, but I can't unless the perfect situation comes up. That's the tradeoff for being in a relationship with a guy. The good part is when you just want to be roughfucked, then a guy is great, but a relationship with a girl seems to me to be like having sex with a sister (not in the perverted way but in the soulmate way).

I want some pussy real bad real bad real bad. My clit is sore from rubbing it thinking about my co-worker and her beautiful skin and eyes and lips and face. This woman in this picture is a favorite of ours. One time I made He Said jack off until he came while looking at her and telling me how he thought she would feel. Now I'm looking at her and making girlstains on the computer chair (I get overly wet) and can smell my pussy and it smells tangygood but I wish I could taste somebody else's girljuice right now.
Do something nice for an animal this weekend please, pay them back for all the times a person has been mean to them.

Wednesday, May 04, 2005

licking my own cum off her feet

She Said: We discovered something a while ago. He wanted footsex and I did it until my legs hurt. Literally, my legs hurt. Pressing a cock between your feet and then pumping it with your legs isn't a natural motion, for me at least.

He Said: It's much easier for her to be laying down with her legs and feet out and for me to just hold her feet together and pump away.

She Said: Yes, it's so romantic. Not.

He Said: Nothing too gay today, in the course of my research I could find no guy on guy footsex. I don't think I'd want it with a guy anyways, it just needs to be done by a girl. Yeah, I love to come all over She Said's feet and watch it all drip down and then I love to lick and suck her toes and taste myself. I know it, I'm a freak, but tell the truth: almost every guy knows what his cum tastes like. Don't expect her to swallow if you don't. And I do.

Monday, May 02, 2005

happy monday!!!

She Said: Yum. Oh my fucking god yum. Usually when I'm jillingmyselfoff I don't have to look at pictures, but this guy is delicious. Look at that body and face and cock girls.

He Said: I'm going to second that. This picture has made my cock hard a few times. I don't often think of men as good looking because to me guys are just hard cocks, but he's pretty. Yes I would, no question.

She Said: I'd like to watch He Said fuck her. Other than that, trannies don't turn me on like they turn my man on.

He Said: But look at that hot body and cute little dick. I love trannies with either big fat horse cocks or hard little dicks. Most trannies have little ones, wonder if it's the hormones?

She Said: I don't dig this, it reduces women to cum receptacles. No. I can understand the appeal for a guy who just wants to dominate a girl, but it doesn't do anything for me. I need a scene I can imagine myself in, and I don't like to take it up the ass anywhere near as much as my man.

He Said: Guys are pigs though. I'll admit it. I'll also admit to loving my ass filled, it's as close as I'm ever going to come to being a girl.

She Said: Guys are TOTAL pigs that piss me off 90% of the time because I can't walk down the street or go in a store without some guy (who you know has a wife) hitting on me. The other 10% of the time though, when I just want to be fucked senseless, I'm glad I have a guy who will obey me. Now go do the dishes darling.

Remember, DOGS DIE IN HOT CARS!!! Summer's coming, so be kind to the animals that depend on you please.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

the shit behind the glitter

He said: My lady has picked up a nasty office flu so she's soaking in the tub with some candles and music. Tonight is all me. A commenter left a nice comment about She Said having it made having a man who is comfortable with having no sexual boundaries. Thank you anonymous commenter. Now, let me tell you exactly what it can lead to, because this world is not on your side if you have a fearless heart.

I had two groups of friends, a gay group (due to a longtime friend "coming out") and a straight group. One night a little before I met She Said, both groups were sitting at a bar together. A chance meeting between two groups turned into a dozen people getting very drunk together. I was catching comments on the edges of the conversations though, disparaging comments coming from both directions. I thought we were all modern urban hipsters, we all could handle it. Then I went home with my friend __________ (the one with the HUGE cock), and half-knew we were going to end up in bed. And we did. We fucked until we passed out, and then got up in the morning and fucked again. I gave him a ride home and walked him hand in hand up to his step. It was broad daylight and the city sidewalk was full of people going to work but I didn't care so I we hugged and kissed in front of the world, just two friends who had a nice one night stand.

Word got around to both groups, but I was cool with the shit I was going to get. I always wanted to have sex with a guy when the chance came up. I was good looking and single and I'm glad it was with who it was with.

Then shit hit the fan. From every direction.

My gay friends called me names and accused me of "slumming" and "exercising straight privilege", whatever that means. My straight friends abandoned me, just stopped calling and stopped returning calls. I lost a dozen friends because I fucked another man. Was it worth it? No. Hell no. Not even close. I still burn inside with rage thinking about it.

And to this day if I saw any of those ignorant bigoted fuckers, both straight and gay, I would not hesitate one second to spit right in their fucking face. Friends don't delete their friends from their lives because of sexual choices. The only one I am still friends with is the friend who I had sex with, and we hooked up a few times afterwards (I still dream sometimes of sucking his cock) but nothing was the same.

Moral of the story? No matter how cool and accepting and progressive you think your friends are, watch your step. Some two-faced fuckers (straight or gay) will drop you if you scare them. They think that you want to fuck them, so they vanish. It hurts. It hurts bad enough that there have been times years later that I cried my eyes out about it, and I'm the kind of person who could get their arm cut off and not cry. I'm a tough motherfucker, but the heart can be surprisingly weak when friends decide to shit on you. It makes you question yourself over and over and over.

I would so suck this tranny's little dick. I think it's cute. And I can only imagine the shit that a cross-gendered person goes through. Like I said, I'm a tough fucker who won't back down from anybody. But somebody who chooses to live where almost everybody hates them is much tougher than I will ever be. I had a close miss with a beautiful skinny glittery girlieboy in a powder blue Adidas tracksuit in a bar called The Top on Haight Street in San Francisco, and I think about her occasionally. She, and people like her who cut totally across the grain of society, are more of a man than I'll ever be.

We might go on a roadtrip so it might be a few days before the next transmission from Planet Bisexy. We both need to get out of the city for a few. See you on the other side.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005

guess tonight's theme:

He Said: Chicago rocks, riding the trains into downtown rocks, but I'm glad I'm home. I didn't really have the cash to enjoy much nightlife, and was based out of a hotel out by the airport so it was hard to get into the city.

Mmmm. First instinct is to grab dude's cock and start yanking. I just don't know if I can get into rimming though. maybe if I were drunk and I knew he was clean.

She Said: I love looking at a guys ass with his cock hanging down all thick and shit.

He Said: This one makes me hard. I love African-American ladies, I find them just sexy as hell. And I love hairy women. The combination makes my cock throb.

She Said: I love women and I love hairy women but this doesn't get to me like looking at the guys here today. Maybe it's because I just want to feel you inside me and filling me up right now.

He Said: Maybe it means I'm more straight than gay, but when I think of sex with men I tend to reduce them in my mind to just a big fat hard cock or a tight asshole. I don't think guys are that attractive, but a fat cock in my face makes my mind go all mushy.

She Said: I find men attractive, but I know what you're saying. It's like how men tend to reduce women to come receptacles. I like how guys, especially "straight" guys act when you first slip a lubed-up finger deep inside them. Once a guy gets past the buttsex barrier there's nothing he won't do. take a guy's ass virginity and you've got a human sex slave forever.

He Said: My friend ______ (the one with the HUGE cock) used to shave his ass. I don't get the attraction, but I've gotten myself off before with this picture. I've sprayed a load onto the bottom of our computer table imagining slathering lube up inside this ass and then fucking pounding it.

She Said: Eeewww, I don't like this. Not manly enough. Alright enough blogging for tonight.

She Said: Thanks everybody for the nice comments. I have to admit this is kind of weird to admit my freak urges, but it also has put a nice kick in our sex life. Just don't think we don't like to answer back to the comments people leave because this is kind of hard for us to push ourselves like this and maybe once we feel more comfortable interacting we'll be more interactive.

So thanks everybody. Be nice to animals please.